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Climate Justice in the Time of COVID: Women and Girls Leading - Shared screen with speaker view
Jess Search
peak emissions - what a brilliant rallying call
Jessica Cooke
Couldn't agree more - already feeling more positive!
Jessica Fleuti
Hi everyone, thank you for joining! Please use the Q&A box at the bottom of your screen to submit questions for our speakers.
Katharine Wilkinson
@DrKWilkinson here
Karin Ryan
Yes we need to adapt technology to crisis. Question: I hear emissions could come roaring back to high levels, including shuttered coal plants in China as the lockdown lifts. can we mobilize industry and government quickly now to shift to green jobs? How can we do this NOW?
Cristina Yoon
xiye, you are an inspiration!
Jessica Cooke
Love this from Xiye - we now know civil society, private sector, governments etc. can come together to respond to Covid-19, we now have evidence to do this for the global climate crisis
Jessica Fleuti
Thank you for sending in your great questions via the Q&A box!
Kathleen Godley
Xiye, your choice of words set the vision: “Indigenous Knowledge”, “Reciprocity,” “Solidarity,” “Opportunity,” “Connection” Thank you!!
Jess Search
angry grannies will save us all!
Jessica Fleuti
Should we rebrand them "Dangerous Grannies?"
Jess Search
I think you are onto something Jess Fleuti!
Agnes Binagwaho
I am in!!! Agnes. Could you please ask panelist to refer also to the experiences and knowledge have the granny gained across the world. This give us the right to address the world knowing that when women are involved communities are better served as I expressed in my TED Talk
Cristina Yoon
@jess Fleuti: YES! "dangerous grannies"
Irene Tsouprake
Yes… if you are seeking different outcomes, amplify different stories! Making the moral imperative for climate action through amplifying indigenous and female perspectives and collective action…
Lamis Jamil
I agree!
Katharine Wilkinson
I saw a request for slides. All of the data and visuals I shared are captured in The Drawdown Review: https://www.drawdown.org/drawdown-framework/drawdown-review-2020
Paula Bock
Thank you, Megha, for this important perspective on reframing the narrative and giving voice to women and vulnerable communities. Thank you to all the panelists… this is an all star session!
Ruhie Kumar
Hi Megha, My name is Ruhie, I am from Bombay, India. In the last year, women are taking lead in many protests across the world and in South Asia. As you rightly said, in storytelling, the critical part is who is telling the stories- existing social inqualities and patriarchal systems are big hurdles in women and trans communities - India has a multifacted climate crisis - from water, air, food safety (nutrition). Any suggestions / thoughts on how to build in a new climate narrative while not following this apocalyptic - doomsday storyline - which I find extremely distressing and sans hope. Any comments or thoughts on how to approach this?
Kathleen Godley
Particulate matter is linked to asthma; it will be interesting to track asthma exacerbations during the Covid shutdowns and subsequent reduction in car emisions
Jess Search
Ruhie - our partner Sophy from Indian Documentary Foundation came to the Climate Story Lab in London a couple of weeks ago - she will be organising one (digital possibly) in India - can we put you in touch?
Angie Woodbury
I think it's so important what Mary is saying about workers getting a just transition. One thing that is very frustrating right now in Canada is that the pipeline is going ahead. The government is sending workers from all across Canada to the construction sites which is terrible for covid spread
Angie Woodbury
And we shouldn't be investing in pipelines right now. We should use this as an opportunity to invest in green tech
Katharine Wilkinson
I am IN! #WeThePlanet
Lamis Jamil
Xiye, can you please send us the link to the website?
Scott Seydel
Thanks President Robinson for guiding us all in remembering that those who are making a living working in industries that must undergo transition won’t be left behind, and can be educated to become contributive workers in the emerging renewables industries …. Be it recycling apparel in Virginia or installing solar converters everywhere in the world, or helping restore polluted lands and waterways to useful resources for everyone …. and the many many more industries that must be adequately populated with dependable employees who’ll carry the Drawdown forward.
Ruhie Kumar
Thanks Jess, that would be great if I could get connected , I work in climate change storytelling and narratives
Agnes Binagwaho
May I ask a question?
Ruhie Kumar
Perception of urgent is skewed when the fossil fuel industry pushes for profits over people and planet
Georgina-Kate Adams
Agreed! Make Katherine President Again!
Irene Tsouprake
The willingness of primarily male-run governments in the US and other places globally to sacrifice human lives (and whole ecosystems) in pursuit of the “economy” is at the center of what must shift… supporting female leadership in all capacities is essential, yes… but how do we seize this moment to articulate this horrific and unacceptable truth— that many male leaders will protect profit over all else? People are seeing this play out in real time now… we can and should slingshot the climate narrative off of this unconscionable reality…
Nat Steinsultz
“The climate crisis is a leadership crisis” — love this!
Dennis Macray
Drawdown and Paul Gilding’s book from 2011 provide excellent blueprints for the great disruption, especially the second half of the book that reorients us to follow the solutions from women and girls, and pursuit of a new equitable economy. https://paulgilding.com/2020/04/01/2020-when-the-great-disruption-began/
Georgina-Kate Adams
The words of these paragraphs are SO beautiful, Katharine. Thank you! Can’t wait to read the rest
Katharine Wilkinson
So agree, Laura!
Gülseren Onanç
We need more women leaders like Mary Robinson, Jacinda Ardern, Ursula Van Der Leyen
Agnes Binagwaho
Agnes here :There are many financing mechanisms, from foundations to continental banks (European, African etc.....) to help companies stay alive and which will help companies to recover in the post COVID19 period. They are already helping industries to continue operating as usual. What can we do to push for conditional financial support linked to the goal of climate conservation?
Agnes Binagwaho
There are many financing mechanisms, from foundations to continental banks (European, African etc.....) to help companies stay alive and which will help companies to recover in the post COVID19 period. They are already helping industries to continue operating as usual. What can we do to push for conditional financial support linked to the goal of climate conservation?
Lamis Jamil
What advice do you have for women leaders in the MENA region to join the global women climate warriors?
Irene Tsouprake
Karin Ryan
bottom line: major shifts must include robust government action toward global Green New Deal as well as equitable distribution of wealth—end austerity programs
Karin Ryan
raise taxes on wealthy along with expanded social safety net for all
Gülseren Onanç
Thank you so much to all panelists this was so informative and inspirational
Jessica Cooke
Xiye - love how you articulate this around democracy
Irene Tsouprake
The world I want to see is led by women like all of you… like all of us. But women express ambition differently from men… and it means a lot of us have to step up and run for office, or serve on committees, become public advocates… it means being uncomfortable, making ourselves a bigger target, as one of my mentors often shares… thank you for inspiring me to keep stepping up.
Jessica Fleuti
Thank you all for joining us today -- we will send a follow up email with the recording, and links to the resources we discussed today! Solidarity!
Karin Ryan
❤️❤️❤️ Solidarity!!!!
Lamis Jamil
Thank you all !! Solidarity!
Ruhie Kumar
thanks for the great session!
Paula Bock
I wish everyone in the world could see this panel! Will the recording be shared?
Alyssa Kropp
Thank you panelists & organizers! Excited to see what we can all come up with to meet these challenges!
Georgina-Kate Adams
This has been a phenomenal session with phenomenal women! Thank you all x
Jude Kelly
brilliant Pat and Rhonda .. jude
Paulina Garduño
Thanks everybody!
Karin Ryan
thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️
Georgina-Kate Adams
Please can you share the name & author of that final poem?
Karyn Caplan
Joy Harjo a wonderful way to inspire us in the next